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Motorcycle Safety Training Organization North Western Ontario

We are proud to be the MTO approved provider of M1X, M2x, and 3-Wheeled Motor-Tricycle training for North Western Ontario! 

Unfortunately, we just got news that we will no longer be able to open during Phase I of Ontario’s re-opening. Based on new Government updates, we won’t be able to commence training until Phase II, which is expected to take place around July 2nd. All course dates already scheduled will again be pushed back. We apologize for this inconvenience, but unfortunately it is out of our hands. Registration process for new sign-up’s will remain closed at this time.

All previously registered riders/students please note that ALL dates will be pushed further back until we have notice from the government and MTO as to when we are able to get rolling.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience but it is out of our control.

Please check with Local and Ontario Restrictions and Regulations BEFORE calling to inquire about our re-opening, unfortunately our closure is out of our hands and we are unable to provide you with any further information beyond the governments announcements. Or check back on our website, we will update as soon as things change and we are able to get up and running.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe. 


As our name suggests we are a safety organization and our concern is the safety of our staff and all riders/citizens. Please do your part to keep yourself and others safe in the continued battle against COVID-19.

Check out the bottom of our gallery page for some MSTO-NWO riding tips!

Since its inception in 1974, the Canada Safety Council “Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Course” has gained world-wide recognition as the finest rider training motorcycle-trainingcourse anywhere in the world.

Motorcycle Safety Training Organization North Western Ontario (MSTONWO) is a non-profit organization providing training to motorcyclists under the Canada Safety Council (CSC) banner.

This course, designed to make motorcycle riding an enjoyable experience, is taught by our certified, professional instructors.

Learn to ride on our motorcycles. We have a professionally maintained fleet of a variety of styles of motorcycles which are provided for the Gearing Up training.

All sessions cover a variety of theory and practical applications. Topics will include: defensive motorcycle riding, slow speed manoeuvres, acceleration and deceleration, push steering, emergency braking, and much more.

We Ride! You can too!

Please view our course schedule for online registration