Motorcycle Safety Training Organization North Western Ontario We Ride!


The Folks You Can Meet Through Motorcycling 

G and Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo (Left), Girls Build Bikes, Girls Ride Bikes, and Girls Race Bikes – Brittney Olsen (Middle), G and Dani from American Pickers (Right)

We Took the Pledge – The Motorcycle Safety Pledge!

Roadside Stop – a.k.a. the STARFISH

M2 Exit Coaching

M2 Exit Training – Preparing Before Hitting the Road

Look Twice – Save Lives!


MSTO-NWO Training is Thumbs Up!






                                          Look Honey I’m Doing It!!

                                                     Crusin’ a Curve

                                           Father Son Bonding Time

                                               Doin’ the push steer shuffle

Nicky Push Steer

CSC Riding Tip:

Look for changes in the colour of the pavement ahead often those changes in colour mean a change in traction.