Motorcycle Safety Training Organization North Western Ontario We Ride!


The Folks You Can Meet Through Motorcycling 

G and Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo (Left), Girls Build Bikes, Girls Ride Bikes, and Girls Race Bikes – Brittney Olsen (Middle), G and Dani from American Pickers (Right)

We Took the Pledge – The Motorcycle Safety Pledge!

Roadside Stop – a.k.a. the STARFISH

M2 Exit Coaching

M2 Exit Training – Preparing Before Hitting the Road

Look Twice – Save Lives!


MSTO-NWO Training is Thumbs Up!






                                          Look Honey I’m Doing It!!

                                                     Crusin’ a Curve

                                           Father Son Bonding Time

                                               Doin’ the push steer shuffle

Nicky Push Steer

MSTO-NWO Riding Tips:

Look for changes in the colour of the pavement ahead often those changes in colour mean a change in traction.

Remember eyes are crucial. Look where you want to go! If you identify a hazard acknowledge it and look where you want to go to avoid it. EYES EYES EYES!!

3 Things to be ready for the ride – Your Bike, Your Gear, and You! Now that riding season is here please ensure that you check you bike over to make sure that it is safe and ready to ride. Check over your gear to make sure that it is not damaged or worn: ATGATT – All The Gear All The Time! Dress for the slide, not the ride. Make sure that you are ready: limber up, be focused, stay safe and enjoy the ride!

Remember bottles and throttles don’t mix & get a high from the ride, don’t ride high!