Motorcycle Safety Training Organization North Western Ontario We Ride!


“I just wanted to thank you and the other instructors for a magnificent job, I took a lot away from the course and I’m sure everyone else did also.”
– Bart from Thunder Bay, August 2016
“Greg, [I] just want to thank you for all your efforts to get the course back in Thunder Bay and thanks to all the instructors. You, Bill, Guy and Brian are absolutely top-notch and so encouraging. You people are the kind who change lives for the better. Take care.”
– Anne from Thunder Bay, July 2016
“Thank You and the great team of instructors for having this course it is definitely worth attending. I have learned a great deal about riding.”
– Norman from Marathon, July 2016
“The course was very informative and a well planned out training program. It poured rain for most of the weekend which only added to the learning experience and the one on one knowledge sharing was greatly appreciated! The confidence gained and skills I learned over the weekend were impressive! This course should be mandatory for all riders and I will recommend it to everyone I know!”
– Nancy from Thunder Bay, June 2016

“I went into the course having no experience whatsoever and have never used a clutch before. I wasn’t a master by the end of the third day but I learned the skills that were necessary to keep me alive and able to practice on my own after the course. You learn not only practical riding tips but survival skills as well that you don’t take into consideration when driving around in a car.  I tell all of my friends who are interested in picking up motorcycling as a hobby to take this course. It is the best money you can possibly spend on the subject.”

– Devon from Thunder Bay, May 2017

“I had the pleasure of taking the Motorcycle Training Course put on by  MSTONWO.  It came highly recommended to me by several of my friends and I was looking forward to the weekend.  The Course, the Instructors, and the lessons I learned exceeded my expectations. 

The Course takes the rider through a well thought out series of lessons that enables him or her to be confident and safe riding a motorcycle. 

What really pulls everything together is the quality of Instructors.  Greg has put together a team that is simply world class.  They are passionate about what they are teaching and you can tell that they genuinely care.  Combine that with a wealth of Motorcycle Riding and Safety Knowledge and you have a winning combination. 

Forget about the fact that the Course will help you save money on insurance or that taking the Course is much more convenient than booking a road test with the Ministry.  Take the Course to learn the fundamental skills from trained professionals that could help save your life when you have a split second to react.  Take the Course to understand the fundamentals of riding so you can have a more enjoyable experience and feel confident about being in any situation.    Even if you think you know how to ride there is always plenty to learn – and these guys will put you on the right path to a long and safe riding experience.  “

– Jerry from Thunder Bay, May 2017

I just want to thank you for running motorcycle training again in Thunder Bay for the region. I recommend the course to everyone, and I think it has even made me a better car driver. “Head on a swivel” 

– Eric from Thunder Bay, Dec 2017